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These benefits combined with an excellent track record have earned Supermicro a reputation as a true leader in the high-end PC/server industry. After all, Supermicro provides the most outstanding product line in the industry, ranging from single Pentium 4 and dual Xeon to quad Xeon MP and dual Itanium systems. Their proven high level of quality and performance has made SuperServers the platform of choice for supercomputer clusters and enterprise databases as well as business-critical, front-end server applications.


ผลิตภายใต้โรงงานที่ได้รับการรับรองมาตรฐานบริหารงานคุณภาพ ISO9001:2008, และมาตรฐานสิ่งแวดล้อม ISO14001:2004 


 Central Processor Unit 

1xIntel Quad Core Xeon 2.13GHz(E5506) 4MB L3 Cache QPI 4.8GT/s

 Base Board Unit 

Supermicro Server Board Intel 5500 Chipset Dual LGA-1366 Socket 

AMIBIOS 32Mb Plug and Play Upgradable EEPROM Flash Bios 

6xDIMM Slots of DDR-3 Buffered SDRAM Memory up to 48GB 

8xChannels SAS-300 Hard Disk Controller with RAID 0, 1, 10 

2xIntel Gigabit Ethernet 100/1000Mbps Auto Sensing Built-In 

4xUSB 2.0 Ports ( Rear x2, Front x2 ) 

2(x8) PCI Express, 2(x4) PCI Express, and 2PCI 32bit / 33MHz 

Matrox G200ew 8MB Memory Server Class Graphics Interface Built-In

 Memory Unit 

ECC DDR-3 Buffered SDRAM 4GB( 2GBx2 ) PC-1333..Intel Certified

 Storage Unit

Intelnal SATA DVDRW 24X Bootable Optical Drive 

 Chassis Unit 

Supermicro Server Chassis with 800watt ( 1+1) Redundant PWS 

3xActive Chassis Fans Hot-Swappable 

8xHot-Swappable SAS-300 Hard Drive Bays




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